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Three Trusts Co-Parenting:
A Transformational Journey
towards a more peaceful life

Reducing conflict between parents is the most effective way to ensure the child's well-being and lessen the negative effects of the separation.

More and more children are growing up with their parents living in separate households. More and more parents have to navigate the tricky territory of co-parenting with a former spouse/partner. The legal system with power over these waters is based upon an advocacy system that pits the parents against each other, making it more difficult for peaceful co-parenting in the future if a contested courtroom battle is waged.

Where do parents get guidance on how best to help their children emerge unscathed from the split? Oftentimes, their most trusted ally during a divorce is their attorney. Advice from attorneys usually comes from an advocacy perspective -- which by its nature chooses only one parent to advocate -- pitting one parent against the other in the fight to win the courtroom battle.

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  • Are your children caught "in the middle"?
  • Are you ready to bring more peace into your life?

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In truth, our legal system fails children.

If the parents end up in the courtroom, and the lawyers pit each parent against each other, the damage inevitably filters down to the children. Things are said that cannot be taken back. Each parent usually believes the other lied on the witness stand. Allegations are hurled against one another. The ability of the two parents to effectively co-parent in the future is seriously undermined.

In much the same way you might want to create a financial trust fund to leave to your children, the Three Trusts helps you build an emotional trust fund for them, a secure foundation so they might emerge intact from their disrupted childhood. Emotional well-being is far more important for their quality of life than anything monetary you could give them.

p align="left" class="maintext">These acts of Trust are decisions you make. You make the decision consciously, and when the going gets rough, you remind yourself of the decision. Then you can act accordingly, and your children will benefit, both in the short-term and in the long-term.

The best way to help children through the challenge of divorce is to educate their divorcing (and divorced) parents. Oftentimes, what is best for the children is counter-intuitive, and at the very least, very difficult to do while going through the emotional battleground of divorce. With a little help, parents can better ensure their children will emerge unscathed.

The Three Trusts™

Briefly, the Three Trusts™ are:

1. Trust yourself as a parent;

2. Trust the other parent to be "good enough"; and

3. Trust your child.

As simple as this might sound, it is a powerful way for you to step back from the power struggle that so often occurs between divorced parents. And since research shows that there is a direct correlation between low inter-parental conflict and the well-being of the child of divorce, you have the best of reasons to want to have a more effective co-parenting relationship with your child's other parent.



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