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Trust Yourself as a Parent

When going through a divorce, parents often attack the other's parenting style and skills. It is so very easy to doubt yourself and your abilities as a parent during this period. Three Trusts' coaching and workshops will help you stay out of that doubting trap. When you trust yourself, you act more confidently and your child feels more secure. Trusting yourself as a parent isn’t about shutting yourself off from change and growth. Quite the opposite. When you trust yourself, ironically, you are more able to take constructive criticism and make clear decisions about what might need to change.

What does it mean to trust yourself? DO you trust yourself as a parent? Is there someone who knows your child better than you? Is there someone else thinking more clearly about what is best for your child?

Trust is a decision. The Three Trusts' coaching and workshops will help you understand how to trust yourself more, which leads to more confident action, which benefits your children and provides them with more stability and security. The better you feel about yourself, the better you are able to love them fully and show up for them emotionally.

Trust that the other parent is a "good enough" parent

This is hard. There are problems. Things aren’t going right in that other household. But we live in a culture that makes the good the enemy of the best, and we all want the best for our kids, right? In this situation, trying to get the “best” out of the other parent often does a disservice to the children. The high, high likelihood is that the other parent IS good enough. If there is physical, sexual, emotional, substance abuse going on, obviously this trust will not apply.

Research shows that parents don’t have to be THE BEST. They just have to be good enough. And that is very likely what that other parent is, good enough; flawed, yes, often wrong, yes, but most likely good enough. When you make a decision to trust the other parent to be good enough, you can ease off of judging and criticizing decisions they make. The Three Trusts™ workshop will help you learn the benefits of responsible trusting, and the tangible benefits to your life and your child's life in reducing stress, reducing conflict and encouraging more well-being.

Conflict between parents is gravely dangerous to your children. It is your task
to do all you can to reduce the conflict between you and the other parent.

Trust Your Child

Trust your children to grow into adulthood and sort it all out. They will. When you take the long view, and you trust their higher intelligence, you can relax a bit. They can relax a bit. When you trust your children in the long term, so many short-term issues resolve themselves with much more ease. The Three Trusts™ workshop will help you learn how to trust your child, and help your child to develop more responsibly.


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