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Ruth's Approach to
Child & Family Investigations

As a Child & Family Investigator (CFI), I am a investigative arm of the Court. That means I do not represent either of the parties or the children. Even though the parents usually pay for my services, I do not work for them, I work for the Court. My goal is to be objective and fair, to do a "brief" and "least-intrusive" investigation, in order to give the Judicial Officer more information.

I am required to act professionally, to be accurate and honest in my work and communications with the parties and the Court. I am required to remain objective, to the best of my ability. If I believe I cannot remain objective, I will let the Court know.

Each family is unique. Each case is different. While I cannot determine what will happen in each individual case, here's what I'll do in a "typical" CFI investigation:

  • Meet with the parties (usually the parents) individually, to gather initial information.
  • Meet with the children in each of the parents' homes.
  • Gather information from each of the parents, through our meetings, phone calls, and the completed forms.
  • Gather information from other sources, such as teachers, family members, etc.
  • Write the report.

What I promise is that I will do my best to recognize a parent's love for their child, and honor the Colorado Legislative Declaration that "it is in the best interest of all parties to encourage frequent and continuing contact between each parent and the minor children." I strongly believe that in the high majority of families, children need both their parents.

Parenting is one of the most difficult and rewarding roles a person will ever fulfill. I am continually amazed and inspired by parents' love for their children, and the lengths they are willing to go in that love. If I am working with your family, I will work very hard to bring the right information to the attention of the judicial officer.

You can learn more about my background by clicking here for my resume.


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