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40-hr training

I am pleased that Three Trusts was commissioned by the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office (SCAO) to write, with the Honorable Laurie A. Clark, the 40-hour curriculum that has been adopted as the mandatory training for all Child and Family Investigators. Judge Clark and I were able to present eight trainings over 2013 and 2013.

Upcoming CFI trainings

The 40-hr trainings, mandated by Chief Justice Directive 04-08, updated 12/12, are scheduled as follows:

February 24-28, 2014. Ralph Carr Judicial Center at 1300 Broadway St., Denver
8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Click on the link to register. I believe this is full, and there is a waitlist.

For information about future trainings, visit the State Court Administrator's Office CFI page:

Application Process for CFIs:

Click here for the SCAO web page regarding CFIs, which includes the renewal process for CFIs who are currently on the Statewide Eligibility List, as well as the initial application process for those who want to become CFIs. Currently, the initial application process has closed for 2013. The renewal process opens up April 1, 2013.

SCAO Domestic Programs webpage

More information:

Click here for access to the updated CJD 04-08, as well as lots more information on CFI work here in Colorado:



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