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You might want and need individual time with one person who can help you through this difficult time; someone who can help you take good care of yourself, and keep your children's best interests at heart. It is often too difficult to stay out of the power struggle.

Ruth Rinehart is a Certified Coach Practitioner. A coaching relationship with her means you will have one-on-one support to reduce conflict in your life, reduce stress in your life, and improve your quality of life, as well as your children. We will take a look at your current state of affairs and where you are headed. You will learn practical techniques to use in your day-to-day life that will empower you to be more in control of yourself. You will learn self-care techniques that can turn into habits.

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"Working with Ruth over the past few months has brought to the forefront invaluable realizations on parenting, relationships, and how I go about organizing and living my life. Initially I sought her support on how to deal with a challenging child, but the work we've done has blossomed into something much, much more. Ruth's lightly structured approach and gentle-but-firm guidance have opened my eyes and heart to an expanded reality and new level of comfort with myself as a parent and a person."
Lee Duhl
Golden, CO

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Situational Coaching: Addressing specific conflicts

Situational coaching is very focused, and can bring about amazing results in 2-3 sessions.

Conflict Coaching: Conflict Dynamics Profile®

Are your responses to conflict hindering your relationships? Your work environment? Hampering your career? In conjunction with individual coaching, Ruth is certified to administer a powerful assessment tool, the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP). The CDP provides an effective way to improve self-awareness of an individual's responses to conflict. The assessment can point the way to reducing destructive responses to conflict, and improve and increase constructive responses to conflict.

Since conflict is inevitable, a natural part of life, one's ability to navigate conflict skillfully increases life enjoyment, improves relationships, and further's one's career plans. Learn more about the Conflict Dynamics Profile by clicking here.

Individual Life Coaching

Individual coaching provides a 12-week time period in which everything important for you to work on will surface. Once a week, for an hour, you will have time just for you, to help you move forward in those areas that will help you live a better life, be a better parent, be a better YOU.

Your own authentic life: this is the greatest gift you can give your world..

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