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Testimonials for Three Trusts' coaching and workshops

Having Ruth as a Life Coach was so much more ... it was more like having a gifted, wise woman guide me through my self created dark forest. She listened to my goals, my questions, my emotional upheavals and my challenges. Her flowing, soft voice, her acceptance of my fluctuations, her consistent support remains still sustaining me.

I am especially grateful for the centering moments at the beginning of each session. Her words seeming to come from an inner fountain refreshing my perspective, giving me balance to achieve my passion to be self employed. She can be gently directive, offering insights at the perfect time.

Thank you Ruth for empowering me, for showing me a healthier, more confident me. You blessed my life with each appointment and although we have come to a close, we will always be connected.

     Constance, 2011


I first came to Ruth in December, 2009, on the heels of a very ugly divorce. I was getting out of a relationship with a violent man who was incredibly angry and resentful about my desertion. His response to the divorce was extreme – he attacked me physically several times (in front of the kids), stalked me, harassed me emotionally and gas-lighted me at every opportunity. He threatened to kill me, himself, and our children. We fled to a safe house at one point; I got a restraining order at one point; we went to court to restrict his parenting time at one point… It was really, really ugly. When I came to Ruth, I was being harassed daily by him by phone, text, email. I was in the midst of a crisis, in which I feared for the physical, emotional, and psychological health of myself and my children. We had been to court multiple times; I involved the police when things were very threatening. I tried everything at my disposal – three different therapists for myself, two lawyers, two therapists for my kids, a hypnotherapist, family, strong friendships… nobody knew what to do. I tried very hard to let Love be the answer, but it flew back in my face every time. I was seriously afraid for my children’s well-being, and too paralyzed with stress to move forward in a positive way. I sought out Ruth as a Life Coach on a referral from a mutual friend with little expectation, an open mind, and a strong desire to try anything that might help.

From January, 2010, until June, 2010, I saw Ruth once every two weeks. The goal-setting structure worked well for me, and she certainly did help me to achieve some tangible career and personal goals, such as getting an iPhone app developed and released, and starting a weekly meditation practice. But the most important thing that Ruth gave me was the opportunity to come to a place within myself in which I felt empowered to deal with this incredibly difficult situation and be okay. She helped me to back off from rigid, external boundary setting, without compromising my personal safety, or the safety of my kids. During this time, I came to understand that my ex-husband is not a real threat to my children in a physical sense. His hatred is focused almost entirely on me. I think he does love his kids, and has that to offer them. She helped me to trust myself to go forward with the life that I want, to trust my ex-husband to provide some minimal level of care for his kids, and to trust my kids to adapt and thrive with what they’ve been given.

With a better understanding of my personal boundaries, and better enforcement of them, things have improved dramatically. He still harasses me endlessly, but I don’t even take it in. I am almost impervious to it. I do the best that I can for my children, and let go of the things that I can’t control. I feel incredibly empowered and liberated, and am looking forward to the future. Thank you so much for your role in helping me get here, Ruth!

     Colorado mom


The fundamental concepts from the Three Trusts are crucial to co-parenting well, which means co-parenting in a way that is best for the children and the parents. They are simple concepts but hugely valuable. For many, many months after attending the workshop, I would recall the lessons learned there, and so interactions with my ex-spouse went well. Ruth also taught us some general coping exercises, like taking a moment to breathe and meditate; these I have used throughout tough days in various contexts. And perhaps the best part of the workshop was sharing with other adults who were facing similar challenges; we all want to be better at approaching our own situations. Our workshop was a fun, slightly spiritual event filled with gems of practical advice that absolutely brought peace to our families. Thank you dearly, Ruth!

     Vanessa, Texas mom


Working with Ruth over the past few months has brought to the forefront invaluable realizations on parenting, relationships, and how I go about organizing and living my life. Initially I sought her support on how to deal with a challenging child, but the work we've done has blossomed into something much, much more. Ruth's lightly structured approach and gentle-but-firm guidance have opened my eyes and heart to an expanded reality and new level of comfort with myself as a parent and a person."

     Lee Duhl, Golden, CO,


Ruth Rinehart is a colleague and friend of mine who lived in Austin for several years and was a paralegal. She saw close-up the destructive battles that occurred during divorce, and the damage that was done to children. She found a new career direction, designing an outstanding seminar called "The Three Trusts" that is the best Parenting After Divorce workshop I have seen.

     Dr. Pam Monday
     Relationship Repair Shop, Austin, Tx


I am pleased to recommend Ruth Rinehart in her education for divorced parents and her Three Trusts classes. I have known Ruth for over 20 years, and know her to be a responsible, sensitive and caring person. She has an understanding of divorced parents from both her personal and professional experience. Her intelligence, compassion and spirituality make her uniquely qualified to help people through this most difficult time in their lives. The Three Trusts classes will help divorced parents look at life differently, and bring insight, peace and clarity to their role, while showing them how to reduce conflict in their lives. This will truly help them improve the quality of their lives, and the lives of their children.

      Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband
      Senior Minister, Unity Church of Beaumont


The classes made me look at myself and my situation as a third party.  I wanted to be totally honest to myself in this class to see who I really was and how I was affecting my situation.  I stopped blaming everyone around me and took a look at my behavior. Maybe it was a combination of the timing in my life and me wanting to turn it around, but I benefited greatly from all the information.  My ex-husband and I even discussed some of the class material.  We were both ready for a change in our life, less stress caused by each other, less name calling, passing blame.  I think couples that are separated or newly divorced would benefit greatly from this class.  I wish I would have taken this when Steve and I were first separated.  I would have known better how to respond to him and save a lot of arguing and problems with our kids.

      Sherry, Colorado parent


Ruth's class is a great tool for the divorced parent to gain insight into their situation and alternatives to be able to navigate through the emotional roller coaster of divorce. The curriculum is straightforward to encourage the participant to maintain self-care in order to better care for their children. Her no-nonsense approach to the realities each divorced parent will encounter, depending on the age of the children, empowers the parent to give forethought to and make choices in the best interest of the children rather than constantly reacting in emotionally charged situations.

The time taken for me to attend Three Trusts class has given me the encouragement I needed to parent my three children after my divorce with confidence in my own ability and resources to maintain that confidence.

      Renee, Texas parent


Hi Ruth. The idea behind "Trust the other parent to be 'good enough' " has been inspirational in my family's and my healing. That particular phrase has floated in my mind since you first mentioned the concept and it gives me great relief during times when I start to wonder and worry about whether or not my son's father is an adequate parent. I don't have to worry about it, because he truly is "good enough." I don't have to carry the burden of judging anyone else. I can focus more clearly now on being the best parent and friend that I can be for my son. Thanks again, Ruth for introducing me to that concept. My load is lighter now.

      Love, Case


I am an attorney licensed by the State of Texas since 1972.  For the last six years, I have been practicing Family Law in Austin, Texas, with the firm of Noelke, English and Prescott, LLP, and I am board certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Ruth worked for me as a paralegal the last 5 ½ years.  Ruth was invaluable in her role, particularly with issues involving parents and children, and the crafting of possession orders that would work for all concerned.  She would regularly suggest ways to minimize conflict, deal with alcohol or drug impaired litigants, and otherwise provide insight as to the best way to help clients get through their issues.  This was her passion, separate and apart from the litigation process.  Her suggestions were thoughtful, well reasoned, and many clients came to rely upon Ruth’s advice.  One even said she was “worth her weight in gold.”  I wholeheartedly recommend her to those who need help with divorce and custody issues.

      Wayne H. Prescott (June 2007)


Ruth made a significant contribution to my world and ultimately, I know, to the world of my beloved son!  Over the course of two years, several custody trials and many moments of what felt like the unfathomable, Ruth was a beacon of light and hope, providing supportive, informative, wise and compassionate counsel.  She "held my hand" all the way, empathized with what was happening, moment by moment, and translated many a legal document.  Navigating complex legal, emotional, psychological, practical and spiritual issues, Ruth, consistently, and with great mindfulness, took the high road with my child's best interest at heart.  She gracefully helped me to step forward or backward, when necessary, all the while inviting me to take a deep breath, so that I may see things with greater clarity and compassion for all, myself included.  She was able to provide a different perspective, which, on my own, I might not have been able to envision or embrace.  Without her, I cannot imagine having navigated the legal process or having made it through some of the most difficult years of my life.  I am so very grateful to her and will always remember her as my "legal angel!"

      Lily, Texas parent


What an awesome opportunity for parents to save themselves and their children from so much pain. I hope there are people who can take advantage of the opportunity to face the truth in their relationships and move on with the health and well being of their children in mind. Just having it out there in the universe is inspiring. If one family can benefit it will be wonderful. You are brave and generous to do this. I am inspired!!

      Jammie, Texas parent



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